Masterclass overview

During your Italian Masterclass, you will improve your Italian language skills, as well as increase your knowledge of the culture, history, literature and way of life. There are courses suitable for both beginner and intermediate students.

During your Italian Masterclass course you will learn how to introduce yourself to the friendly Italians you meet, ask for directions around their cities steeped in history and order your cappuccino with ease. You will also be well versed about Italy’s most famous literary genius Dante, and his La Divina Commedia. You will know about the different cities and regions and their varying accents and cuisines, and you will understand the background to intricate Italian politics, corruption and the renowned mafia.

Alesha's Italian Masterclass is for enthusiasts of Italy and of Italian and who are committed to improving their awareness and understanding of the language and culture. It will enable you to develop your skills in a stimulating and exciting environment. However, there will be homework and grammar and vocabulary tests – so be prepared to work hard and reap the benefits!


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